Ultimately, everything we know will be ashes in the wake of a dying star.

Therefore: Enjoy life while you have it. Laugh. Love. And Play.

Old Tom's Tiny Planet

I'm a lifelong player of games that beep, games that boop, games that use pen and paper and dice of many sides.  I have thoughts, occasionally some of them are even good ones. 

I'm currently running a tabletop RPG campaign using Fantasy Flight's wonderful Star Wars: Edge of the Empire system. You can view the sessions on my YouTube channel.

I also occasionally pontificate on craft cocktails and other adult beverages. 


Blog? What is Blog?

I mean, what is life, really?

2021-04-05 1 Min read

white concrete building under blue sky during daytime


Live and Let Live

A brief note about professional vs. amateur content creators.

2021-04-03 2 Min read

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